Ali, the Lion of God, subdued the body’s clay
And transmuted this dark earth to gold.
Murtaza, by whose sword the splendor of Truth was revealed,
Is named Abu Turab from his conquest of the body.
Man wins territory by prowess in battle,
But his brightest jewel is mastery of himself.
Whosoever in the world becomes a Abu Turab
Turns back the sun from the west
Muhammad Iqbal (via yaseeneducation)

A long night ahead. I may be far away from my home, still i could feel the agony and fear. People on roof tops as water gets to the second floor as well.

Ya Allah! Ya Rab! Ya Ghaffar! Ya Wadud! Ya Basit! Have mercy on all my brothers and sisters suffering from floods and food shortage in Kashmir.

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Kashmir reeling under worst floods in six decades…

Death toll in J&K flood touches 100. At least 400,000 people in more than 200 villages were affected following breaches in the #Jhelum  and other rivers. 

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We all pray to Great Almighty to save our brothers and sisters from fury of floods.

Photos from parts of flood hit Kashmir….